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Spanking stories involve characters who like to spank or be spanked. They could be over the knee otk spanking stories, or people being spanked with a cane, paddle, flat of the hand, tied up against an x-shaped bondage device, or any other imaginative form of subtle punishment. The most common type of erotic spanking is administered on the bare buttocks, but can also be combined with bondage, in order to heighten sexual arousal and feelings of helplessness in the spankee. Diane caldwell sat in the leather bucket chair and fidgeted nervously with her hands, her handbag, her dark hair, her skirt anything to try and take her mind from why she was waiting outside the younger womans office door. A month had passed since her twenty-one-year-old daughter, zofeya, had broken down over the phone and admitted to her mother that she was struggling with the final year. Read onadded 17 dec 2019 category spanking avg score 5 words 9,988 tags ff spanking caning domestica fresher gets fooled into a caning on her first day. Lucy was thrilled to be offered a place at carbeach university for a media studies course. It was a two year course and was far enough away from home to mean she would have to stay in the halls of residence.

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The university student accommodation wasnt the normal big blocks with students all crammed into dormitories, but individual houses each taking ten students. Lucy was being shown around. Read onadded 13 dec 2019 category spanking avg score 4 words 5,591 tags caning university girl fake video anal spanking 1 commenthannah saw that the assembly hall was filling up nicely. The college girls were used to sitting in rows on the floor during assembly and so that wasnt going to change.

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Down each side of the hallway were set out wooden chairs with their backs to the wall and they were going to be for the teaching staff and the governors who would normally have sat on the stage, but not today. Read onadded 11 dec 2019 category spanking avg score 4. 75 words 7,007 tags ff discipline younger disciplines older spanking caning arousal 4 commentsthe new disciplinarian has the tables turned on herpauline manson sat at her desk in her office in total shock. There was no doubt that it was who she thought it was in the picture on her screen in front of her. But it couldnt be her, could it not dianes daughter.

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Not the twenty-one-year-old final year law student not the sweet, angelic, bright-blue eyed girl who she had helped to turn into a lovely young woman over the past five years. Read onadded 08 dec 2019 category spanking avg score 5 words 9,230 tags ff spanking caning domestic 4 commentsmrs stone walked into her daughters school. Her daughter was out on a school trip for the week as was the whole of her class so mrs stone hoped to get to see the class teacher without her daughter or her classmates seeing her. Mrs stone was thirty-seven-years-old.

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She was wearing a sleeveless black and white checked dress with a hem halfway down her thigh. Her dark brown hair flowed down. Read onadded 08 dec 2019 category spanking avg score 4. 86 words 6,033 tags ff caning arousal tongue sex 5 commentsa collection of short stories about teens getting spanked. I kissed him faster and more passionately, not caring about the consequences anymore. Dallenhoisted me up, holding me by my thighs while i wrapped my legs around his waist. He backed me up against a wall, kissing me all the while. I put my hands in his hair, feeling how amazingly smooth it was. He moved from my mouth and then traileddown my face until he reached my neck. Read onadded 08 dec 2019 category spanking avg score 5 words 793 tags spanking teen sexzofeya caldwell sighed heavily as she reluctantly pulled the coat hangers containing her old st.

Katherines girls school uniform from her wardrobe. She shook her head as she looked at the navy blazer with the school badge on the left breast pocket and then at the black, knee-length pleated skirt. Next, she smiled at her short-sleeved white cotton blouse and her old school tie.

Read onadded 02 dec 2019 category spanking avg score 4. 83 words 9,787 tags fm spanking caning domestic 4 commentshannah disciplines a granny-aged woman from the halfway house for drinkingeighteen-year-old hannah was walking back from the school athletics field where she had been training. She was on her way back to college where she was going to be holding a prefects detention, knowing that one of the sixteen-year-old girls, lucy, had earned her second detention in two weeks so would need to be given a bare bottom spanking. Hannah saw enforcing the rules as an important. Read onadded 30 nov 2019 category spanking avg score 5 words 7,817 tags ff discipline younger disciplines older spanking caning arousal 3 commentslyricas pov melody and i finally pulled into the high school parking lot after dropping off harmony at her elementary school. We hadnt had any more problems this morning, since giving melody a spanking and harmony hearing it really seemed to change their attitudes. Melody and i walked to our first-hour class, ap chem. It was a two-year course and this was our second year in it, so we.

Read onadded 29 nov 2019 category spanking avg score 4. 5 words 1,942 tags spanking teen sisters schoolgirl 1 commenttommy james helps two girls at work in top drawers. It was just another day in top drawers, when. Yo, how come chicks act like that im being real, tommy james said. Some chicks in my travels act real. Promiscuous, then are on their best behavior afterwards. Why you still dont know the answer oh, you basic boy. Ken-ken said, shaking his head. You heard the phrase lady in the streets, but freak in the sheets yeah.

Read onadded 27 nov 2019 category spanking avg score 3. 33 words 1,152 tags ass tits fetish spanking masturbation latinathree years had passed since katherine cook had first visited one of her tenants, ellie mitchell, and confronted her over the non-payment of rent. She had punished the girl with a spanking and had not had to repeat the punishment for non-payment of rent since then. However, ellie had become a regular recipient of corporal punishment from the ex-governess. She had needed it in her life. Read onadded 26 nov 2019 category spanking avg score 4. 57 words 8,827 tags ff spanking caning domestic 4 commentswhat will happen with the symphonic sisters after their parents die in a car crashlyrica and melody symphonicare twin sisters whose parents were recently in a fatal car crash.

Their younger sister, harmony, went through the most trauma from the situation, being in the car and watching her parents lives slip away. She somehow, however, managed to get out unscathed, other than the short-term mental shock. After the incident took place, all three girls were worried that.

Read onadded 25 nov 2019 category spanking avg score 4. 71 words 702 tags spanking teen domesticdiscipline sisters 3 commentsmarcia is spanked and caned in front of the neighboursit was late friday afternoon and the normal set of neighbours arrived at the halfway house. It was more than just a house, but was two attached houses that were combined into one, and was used as a halfway house for some ten criminals who had been let out of prison as part of their return to the community. There was the almost natural resistance by the local residents who were worried. Read onadded 23 nov 2019 category spanking avg score 4 words 4,864 tags ff discipline spanking caning humiliation arousal masturbation 4 commentsdriving for a car service requires a deft touch for customer service, as i found out when driving part-time for a new york outfit called lioness limousine. I had one particular passenger with unusual demands, but i was more than happy to oblige her requests. She was a thirty-eight-year-old divorce named holly sykes, and she lived in the gramercy park section of manhattan. Read onadded 22 nov 2019 category spanking avg score 5 words 5,147 tags car sex femdom cunnilingus blowjob new york whipping mature lady 3 commentsshe was caught deliberately speeding and had to attend the discipline centrei was just moments from being taken into the arena to be disciplined.

I was in the waiting area of the arena, which was the modern socially acceptable name for the discipline centre. They still kept men and women separate and so i knew that i would be disciplined by a female disciplinarian and the watching crowd would be made up of women and girls.

Of course, the minimum age requirement. Read onadded 16 nov 2019 category spanking avg score 5 words 4,232 tags discipline public younger canes older arousal tongue sex 3 commentsemma was annoyed as she walked up the pathway to the house, opened the front door, closed it behind her, walked through the hallway and into the living room, and at least was satisfied to see three very naughty bare bottoms staring out at her. The owners of those very naughty bottoms had their noses pressed against the wall and their hands clasped on top of their heads. Read onadded 11 nov 2019 category spanking avg score 4. 63 words 8,556 tags discipline arousal spanking hairbrush tongue sex 4 commentsalright, mindy, go get yourself ready for your spanking. Thats what daddy says every time im going to get a spanking.

Dont get me wrong, hes not my father, hes my fiance mark, but to me hes my daddy and im his good little girl. Mostly because he wants to, and i have to admit that getting a good bare-bottom spanking from daddy makes. Read onadded 05 nov 2019 category spanking avg score 4. 8 words 1,012 tags 6 commentsemma disciplines her headmistress, soon to be step-mum, and girlfriend togethereighteen-year-old emma smiled as she saw fifty-three-year-old miss johnson, her headmistress at college, linda, the forty-one-year-old girlfriend of her mum, and twenty-four-year-old lucy, her own girlfriend, all standing with their hands on their heads with their noses pressed against the wall showing off their beautifully blue bruised bottoms. Emma had been in disciplinary charge of all. Read onadded 31 oct 2019 category spanking avg score 4. 71 words 8,702 tags discipline arousal younger disciplines older spanking hairbrush tongue sex 6 commentsa witch comes to the house to try to correct a very bad mistake before it is too late. Becky was dressed for going out with her friends to trick and treat the neighbours as it was halloween night. She was in a zombie style short-sleeved white blouse with red streaks as though it was blood, a red and white short skirt, and white knee-length socks which also had red blood-like streaks.

She had red make-up splodged on her face and thick red lipstick. Read onadded 20 oct 2019 category spanking avg score 4.

67 words 4,528 tags ff discipline spanking witch finger tongue sex 14 commentsin the spring of 1976 i made some extra money for college by driving for a car service called lioness limousine. I was a sophomore at the city college of new york in upper manhattan, and i commuted by subway to my job in long island city. I wound up having a regular customer, a lady named mrs.

She was a divorce who lived in an apartment building near gramercy park in manhattan. Read onadded 19 oct 2019 category spanking avg score 5 words 5,022 tags car sex femdom spanking cunnilingus masturbation new york paddling 4 commentslet me preface this story with i am normally very sweet. However, sometimes i act up a little when i am needing some attention, and i am needing some attention right now. You would miss his attentions too if you knew him.

He stands tall at 62, with a handsome face, and the sexiest voice you have ever heard. And his inside shines even brighter than his outside. Read onadded 15 oct 2019 category spanking avg score 4. 94 words 2,011 tags spanking fucking dominance submission 15 commentstony wished angela would spank him as he met her again outside her housetony couldnt resist it just as he had been unable to resist talking to angela whenever he saw her. They were long-standing neighbours. Tony was fifty-four-years-old and angela lived next door and was now thirty-two-years-old. It had started as flirting between the two of them, except it was angela doing the flirting. When tony visited some years earlier and they played cards it was angela. Read onadded 13 oct 2019 category spanking avg score 5 words 4,974 tags ogling discipline younger spanks older arousal cumming 10 commentsemma takes disciplinary control of her step-sister to be.

Emma had known lucy for a while. Lucy was her dads ex-girlfriends daughter and was twenty-four-years-old, so six years older than emma. However, they had struck up a friendship, first as step-sisters to be, but then something more, and when lucy needed a plus one to go to her friend jackies party, she happily asked emma. It was autumn and so both wore dresses with hems down to their. Read onadded 09 oct 2019 category spanking avg score 5 words 5,206 tags discipline arousal young disciplines older spanking hairbrush tongue sex 6 commentssir edward has power and uses it to hire young maids to satisfy his desiresthe year is 1903 and well respected sir edward runs his large estate with the help of butlerwilliam and housekeeper elizabeth. They have a staff of four maids, but sir edward insists that he interviews and chooses these girls. Two of his maids are young and unquestionably pretty but the other two have grown heavyset and are getting on.

With no compunction, sir edward sacks the older girls. Read onadded 07 oct 2019 category spanking avg score 4. 5 words 1,461 tags spanking cmnf humiliation fucking reluctance 5 commentsthe first one caused jealousy on their part and shame for me. Today i was punished in front of others. I know this isnt unusual but when it happens to you it seems like youre the first one ever. It was the most humiliating thing i ever had happen to me. A gathering was going on at our house.

I did have a few drinks and was looking cute. I was supposed to look cute.

But miss thought i was acting not cute but slutty. Read onadded 06 oct 2019 category spanking avg score 4. 86 words 711 tags punishment humiliation spanking 7 commentsmy name is steve and i work for a major transportation company that provides food service to major fast-food restaurant chains. I am on a strict schedule every night and its a race against daylight, the hours of service regulations as set forth by dot, the weather and other things. I drive and deliver two routes a week, every week, and usually have the same stores.

Read onadded 03 oct 2019 category spanking avg score 4. 69 words 2,605 tags office sex bare bottom sex blowjob cum swallowing spanking redhead 6 commentsemma takes disciplinary control of her step-mum to beemma was furious to see forty-one-year-old linda, her mums girlfriend, come into the living room, and demanded, so it wasnt just me you were discussing when you went to see miss johnson at college as linda blushed and was speechless at being caught out, emma was more positive and incentivised by her authoritative position over miss johnson, and said with a sharp tone, so you are. Read onadded 20 sep 2019 category spanking avg score 4. 89 words 6,500 tags discipline arousal young disciplines older spanking hairbrush cane finger sex 5 commentsmrs. K is a submissive which her cleaner discovers from her diaries. Ivana arrived as usual and on time to clean mrs.